Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November 2016

Friday 25th November

Present: Berno, Raven, Colin, Elisabeth, Finn

Absent: Ludwig, Dryden

The program was in preparation for campfire and nothing els. At the start we played two inside games wile the PLs planned how we would light the fire. We first decided on shooting a flaming arrow from a tree at a pile of chemicals that would ignite but for some odd reason finalised the decision on having a zipline with a flame and have that ignite the chemicals instead, mainly because of "safety". Every patrol was required to contribute two songs and one new scit for this campfire since the cumbs will join us and we have been the same songs and scits for a wile. Elisabeth came up this our scit (the rich man and the dam) and our songs will be "my sargent major" and " Mr. Jonny..." Good songs I believe... We were not able to perform because of time this Friday but I am sure that the Albatrosses are ready for next week.

Program run by: John

Patrol on Duty: The Albatross Patrol (TAP)

November 2016

Friday 18th November

Present: Berno, Dryden, Finn, Collin, Ludwig

Absent: Elisabeth

The program was centred around stalking and we were not able to use the hall because of the parents meeting which took place. A few rounds of canned sardines were played . The game works as follows... Normally there would be one persone who would go out and hide and everybody els would go and look for this person. Once you found the persone you should hide with him without alerting the athers thus it is an individual game and there is always one lost chap that would still be looking for the persone wile everyone els has already found him. On the way back the Penguins (Guan and Sam) picked up rubbish that inspired athers to do the same. The Albatrosses also planned there hike together which will take place this holiday for three days and two nights.

Program run by: John

Patrol on Duty: Penguins

Sunday, 13 November 2016

November 2016

Friday 11th November

Present : Berno, Dryden, Collen, Fin, Elizabeth, Ludwig, Raven

Absent: none

The program started with a game of british bulldogs on the highschools field and lasted a round. Afterwards the scouts went to the hall were they had a session about stalking , done by Jhon, followed by a yaan and then a  tracking scenario set up by Frans, Jana, Rachel and orchestrated by Berno. The  Albatrosses and the Seals teamed up to follow the tracks Frans made, the Penguins followed the tracks made by Rachel leaving the Seagulls to follow the tracks Jana made. The Albatrosses and Seals were the first to finish followed short after by the Penguins and finally followed by the Seagulls who went off following the wroing tracks. The scouts gathered at the Scout Hall before hedding off to there final wide stalking game in the dark. There was an object placed in the bush which emitted light for the scouts to sneak up on without being caught by two sentries , Frans and Dirk, who was partolling the area. The game ended after 10 minutes due to time and nobody won legitimately meaning obtaining the item without jumping out of the bush and running another 20m out in the open followed by dodging the two sentries and then picking up the item shouting "I won!" Raven joined the Albatrosses today from cubs and he seems to be a capable scout. This is also the first blog entry done by Berno.

Program run by: Berno
Patrol on duty: Seagulls

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

May 2016

Friday 7 May

Present: John, Berno,  Dryden, Angela, Ludwig
Absent: Elizabeth

Tonight we decided to play the game. It is a scout game that we thought of it has no name and is very complex. We just has to get the other patrols discs to our side before the time ran out and without them touching us and if they did touch us we had to go to prison and the only way you can be freed from prison is if your patrol members come to free you. We had nothing else planned for the evenng so we just played several rounds of it and we played until the end of the evening.

Monday, 7 March 2016

February 2016

26 Feburay

Present: John,  Dryden, Elizabeth, Angela (new), Ludwig (new)
Absent: PW, Erick, Berno, Willem

Tonight Frans and Berno ran a fitness program which involved several activitites that we needed to complete as a patrol, we had to do to push ups, sit ups, Group burpies. We had to carry patrol members on our backs across 6 meters and we had to get to a really high point on a tree and as the finale we had to climb a rope from sitting without using our feet. We finished the quickest, but the penguins were able to finish everything

Monday, 15 February 2016

February 2016

Friday 12 February

Present: John,  Dryden, Elizabeth, Angela (new), Ludwig (new)
Absent: PW, Erick, Berno, Willem

Tonight we had a coding theme and we started off by playing falling staves with a twist, so instead of calling out left and right we called cat or dog or even a type of cat or dog to make it more difficult this worked very well. Mitch then gave us each a note with 4 different codes to solve ranging in difficulty to solve and we ended up being the quickest patrol to finish all the codes as everyone worked together! We still had time left after this so we decided to play dodge ball in the hall. Mitch, Jana and myself tried to get all the the others out and in the end all the scouts had a turn to throw the 3 of us. We then had flag down after a great evening.

Monday, 8 February 2016

February 2016

Friday 5th February

Present: John, Dryden, Elizabeth, Willem, Erick
Absent: PW, Berno

This Friday the senior scouts had a COH which took up most of the night. While all the other scouts led by Viper went up Hoys Koppie to make maps. All the maps turned out quite  well and could be followed to an extent. Everyone then returned to the scout grounds for flag down.